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Eurostars funding for trace mineral research

Sillingy (F) ‒ Animine as leader of a consortium has been awarded a grand of 1 million euro by the Eurostars programme for a project concerning trace minerals for animal nutrition.


Eurostars is a joint programme between 34 EUREKA member countries and the European Commission. It is the first European funding programme specifically designed to help research-performing SMEs to innovate and to compete internationally. Transnational innovative consortia can apply to Eurostars label twice a year. Applications submitted to Eurostars cover any technology, including agro-food, biotech, energy, ICT-electronics…

Trace minerals

Animine as the leader of the consortium submitted a 1M€ project to the Eurostars program. The application successfully ranked 54 out of 323 eligible applications after the quality and efficiency, the impact and the scientific excellence of the project have passed through the evaluation process. Stephane Durosoy, CEO, commented: “We are highly proud to have been awarded the Eurostars grant after such a strict and competitive procedure. The R&D based and market oriented strategy of the company has been rewarded. The Eurostars grant will strengthen our resources to market value-added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition that are perceived as really innovative by the feed industry”.

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