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Arable crop Innovation show in France

Paris (France) ‒ Les Culturales 2015, an arable crop innovation show, will be held in Villers-Saint-Christophe (Aisne, France) on June 24 & 25, 2015. The event is offering innovations in both content and format, for a show with a difference, according to the organizers.


Arvalis Plant Institute is organising Les Culturales together with 31 partners, some working in research and development, others with economic and financial bodies. Visitors will be able to discover innovations for small grain cereals, maize, oilseed, protein seed, sugar beet, potato, flax, hemp, tobacco, permanent plant cover and biomass crops. The focus of this year’s event will be the Innovation Show presented on stage, with a moderator and experts from a wide range of backgrounds, plus audio and video facilities and an interactive approach, to cover the most relevant points in six major subject areas and to see the abundance of innovations on offer. Every ingredient is there to help arable crop producers achieve top performance on a range of criteria.

Wide range

Organizers will be presenting visitors with operational responses with innovations for crop protection, sustainable, potential and genetic weed control, planting and plant cover, farm management, new technologies. They will review the latest advances in research, and specifically on breeding of new varieties, biological pest control, cutting-edge technology offering greater accuracy and relevance to farming practices, and that means greater efficiency. Les Culturales® will have all the ingredients needed for what is now referred to as agroecology. Many of the solutions presented also provide a response to the major issues of climate change: carbon capture and storage, mitigating greenhouse gases and finding prospects for adapting to change are the main issues being raised by society and that will be covered at the UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris later this year.

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