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RTRS conference in Brussels

Buenos Aires (Argentina) ‒ Global policies and decisions are needed to reach the goal of 10 million tonnes of responsible soy by 2017. Views on how to achieve the goal will be exchanged during the 10th annual RTRS-meeting May 19 and 20, 2015 in Brussels (Belgium).


The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is celebrating 10 years of work towards more sustainable practices in the soy value chain. The first decade has brought great success, states RTRS. The RTRS initiative looks forward to the goal of 10 million tonnes of responsible soy sold by 2017: the Road to 10 Million.

Field experience

How can we achieve this goal set for 2017? During the 10th RTRS conference in Brussels producers will tell their experience first-hand. Companies and organizations will tell their side of the story while explaining how their commitments have improved their sustainability goals and helped build a better future. The challenges ahead between minimum legal compliance and the achievement of zero net deforestation and the protection of High Conservation Value Areas. What’s next? Some key points to take into account when planning the following steps.

Regional approach

What do regional approaches look like? How could sustainability reach a common language? Each place has its own laws, its own culture and its own language. The real challenge is to be able to join all the voices and move forward towards the same goal.


What are the future decisions, trends and ideas that will influence responsible soy’s evolution in the coming years? Many things are left to be done and accomplished in order to get to 10 million tonnes of responsible soy sold around the world.


The annual conference in Brussels, RT10, will address the road ahead from different point of view. Experts will exchange experience in practise and ways to move forward towards the sustainable soy production wanted by those involved in the responsible soy chain. Those interested in joining the conference can apply for participation on the website of RTRS.

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