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Son (The Netherlands) ‒ At the exhibition Victam International in Cologne the company Sonac (member of Darling Ingredients) will give you more insights on the advantages of the usage of animal fats, proteins and minerals in feed.

Animal fats, proteins and minerals have nutritional, sustainable and economic benefits. Sonac will also introduce new and improved product concepts, to anticipate on the markets demand based on changing customer insights and requirements. Novelties will be presented in different feed segments: aqua feed, animal feed and Petfood.


For the aqua feed the focus will be on Phosterol: a natural source of cholesterol and phospholipids for aqua feed; Gelko: a spray dried hydrolyzed protein for multi species applications in feed and pet food and the latest digestibility reports on animal proteins.


In animal feed the attention of Sonac will be drawn to MucoPro 80 & 90 P: superior mucosa protein hydrolizate for feed; PalaPro: a highly digestible animal protein source for piglets designed to enhance feed intake and improve gut health during post-weaning and the latest Phosphorous digestibility results of Delfos and Calfos.


With regard to novelties in pet food the emphasis is on: Oovine plasma powder for restricted protein diets and Innomax MPI: enhancing protein and palatability.

Victam International is in Cologne Messe from June 9 until June 11, 2015. Sonac can be found in booth B 073.




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