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Easy to clean sampling system from Dinnissen

Sevenum (The Netherlands) ‒ Dinnissen has developed an upgraded version of its automatic sampling system that can be cleaned more quickly and effectively and that further minimizes the risk of external contamination. The system will be presented at the exhibitions Solids in Rotterdam and Schüttgut in Dortmund.

Ultra hygienic

Dinnissen’s new sampling system automatically takes samples in accordance with the frequency, volume, and weight specified by the user. The samples are collected in a sample bag or beaker. In cooperation with Dinnissen’s clients, the new Easy-to-Clean sampling system has been significantly improved in the area of hygiene and contamination prevention.


The interior of the new system is made from a single smooth piece of plastic without any contamination-susceptible edges, seams, or ridges. The new plastic interior is also special in that it can be detected as a metal and will also come in a blue colour not commonly associated with food products so that undesired contaminants can be more easily and quickly identified. The interior of the new Easy-to-Clean sampling system can also be removed from and put back into the system without any external contact, thereby completely eliminating the risk of sample contamination. The sensors for automating the sampling process are integrated into a removable plastic adapter. The adapter together with the sensors can be removed with a simple hand motion, making it possible to clean the system even more quickly and effectively.


The new sampling system from Dinnissen Process Technology was designed in accordance with EHEDG and Atex guidelines and has a capacity of 25 g to 1000 g per sample. The system is suitable for use in an ambient air environment as well as in a controlled atmosphere and can be integrated into new as well as existing production processes, for example a fall pipe or bunker.

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