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Alternatives to AGPs in poultry

Bangkok (Thailand) – Globally there is increasing pressure for reducing, and in some countries completely eliminating, the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). A Kemin seminar on avian intestinal health focused on alternative solutions to antibiotics.


“Whether due to a ban by their government, or increasing pressure from consumers, the resulting challenge is the same – to find an effective alternative to AGPs for the avian industry,” said Dr. R. Chanthirasekaran, a poultry veterinarian at Kemin with over 20 years of expertise in disease diagnosis. “That’s why we brought together experts, studies, and key insights on pathogenesis and intestinal health issues, coupled with real-life tools and strategies for a safe and effective feed management alternative to antibiotic use.”


Of particular interest to many of the participants was the feed ingredient Clostat which is a patented microorganism that helps maintain balanced intestinal health and has been proven to help develop a natural defence mechanism against intestinal health issues. An important feature to some producers is that Clostat does not create any antibiotic resistance or residue concerns and can also be used in organic farms.

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