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Kemin launches new mycotoxin binder

Herentals (Belgium) – Kemin introduces a new mycotoxin binder: Toxfin XL. This new and improved mycotoxin binder works at different pH levels and prevents the absorption of mycotoxins by the animal.


Kemin created Toxfin XL after continuously analyzing different raw materials and final feed for mycotoxin risk. Over the last five years, Kemin performed an average of more than 3,000 single mycotoxin analyses per year on approximately 800 samples coming from the European, Middle-Eastern and African (EMEA) region. The data from the last survey reports that, on average, 70 percent of the samples were contaminated with one or more mycotoxins. “It is well known that mycotoxins represent one of the main contaminants found in animal feeds,” said Dr. Tallarico, product manager for the animal nutrition and health business unit of Kemin in the EMEA region.


Researchers at Kemin innovation centers are continuously screening different ingredients for their mycotoxin binding efficacy under different gastrointestinal conditions for optimal excretion.  Dr. Tallarico indicated that this research identified a novel organic source with very high mycotoxin binding efficacy for which a patent for its application as a mycotoxins binder was recently granted. This innovation allows Kemin to introduce Toxfin XL to the market as a new and improved mycotoxin binder with well-proven broad spectrum mycotoxins binding efficacy both in vitro and in vivo.

Higher efficacy

Toxfin XL contains a blend of specifically activated clays, including bentonite, fulfilling the European Regulation 1060/2013 as an aflatoxin B1 binder, and a new organic ingredient. This updated formula has a higher binding efficacy versus all mycotoxins. It is especially suited for mycotoxin control in sensitive species (i.e. breeders, piglets, etc). It is also the main choice in case of the co-presence of different mycotoxins.

Different risks

Kemin provides individual assessments, insights, and solutions to prevent mycotoxicosis issues in different animal species and rearing phases, because each one is subject to different risks. Experts are available to discuss the needs of producers and not only Toxfin XL, but the entire Toxfin product line, which also includes Toxfin Dry to control mycotoxins mainly when Aflatoxins, Fumonisins, Ochratoxins and Ergot represent the main contaminants, Toxfin XL, a reinforced formula of Toxfin Dry, and Toxfin Supreme, a superior solution for breeders and piglets when co-contamination of mycotoxins with high level of Zearalenone occurs.

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