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Nuscience acquires Nutral in Uruguay


Drongen, Belgium − Nuscience, the specialty division of the Royal Agrifirm group, has reached an agreement to buy all of the shares of the Uruguayan company Solapa S.A., known under its commercial name Nutral. Nutral is the Uruguayan market leader in premixes and other nutritional products for dairy and beef cattle. With the acquisition of Nutral, Nuscience continues its strategy to invest in high-growth markets and expands its presence in Latin America.

Calf milk

Founded in 2005, Nutral is located in the Canelones department in the south of Uruguay, less than 50 km from the capital city Montevideo. Nutral is an animal nutrition product manufacturer, providing quality products combined with a strong complementary offering of technical (product-driven) advisory services. Nutral’s production facilities and team of highly skilled professionals enable the company to provide its services to customers and third parties in a professional and focused way. The main products are calf milk replacers and a range of mineral feeds for both dairy and beef cattle.

Important region

Ton Loman, CEO Agrifirm: ”With this acquisition, we continue to execute our strategy in Latin America, an important region for us with high animal densities, and further internationalize our company. Our specialty division Nuscience makes a significant contribution to revenue and profitability in these growth markets.”


“We are proud to sign this agreement,” says Johan De Schepper, CEO of the Nuscience Group. “We are taking the next step in expanding our foothold in Latin America. Uruguay is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in South America, and its economy is dominated by agricultural export. With this acquisition, we also add a solid range of calf milk replacers to our product portfolio.”


Rodrigo Rius, CEO of Nutral, adds: “For us joining the Nuscience Group offers opportunities for further and accelerated growth. The Nuscience Group already has 4 production facilities in Brazil − located in Taió, Maripá, Teutônia and Itupeva. A number of products from Nutrifarma and Nutrientes (both companies belonging to the Nuscience Group) can be sold on the Uruguayan market, while export opportunities for Nutral products can be exploited through the Nuscience network.”

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