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Risk Assurance feed safety in good order

feed safety

Wageningen (The Netherlands) ‒ According to the Annual Report 2015 of the Dutch organisation Secure Feed, the feed safety of animal feed was in good order. This conclusion is based on the monitoring results of Secure Feed and its share-holders.


Monitoring levels of contaminants serves as verification of risk assurance. Of a total of almost 150,000 analytical results revealed in 5 cases (0.004%) a feed material not suitable for use as feed or for a specific application. The analytical result of 0.22% of the samples prompted additional early-timely measures, according to the annual report.

By the end of the year assessed (2015) 245 full members and 52 candidate members worked together with the risk assessment and monitoring of raw materials and their suppliers through Secure Feed. The database encompassed more than 1,200 suppliers, 580 products and more than 6,500 supplier-product combinations (LPC’s). Each product is classified by risk class Low (over 70% of all products), Middle or High (both around 15%) on the basis of potential contaminants and a score on food integrity.

Secure Feed

Secure Feed has been operational since 1 January 2015. Conditions of participation for feed companies include that feed materials, compound feed and suppliments are to be supplied directly to farmers. Furthermore the feed company should be GMP + FSA-certified (or equivalent) and have a liability insurance.

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