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Acquisition of Bacutil by Agrifirm approved


(Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)  ̶ The Polish Competition Authority approved the request made by Agrifirm for the acquisition of Bacutil. The final agreements were signed end of August.

Full control

With the approval of the Polish authorities Agrifirm expands their business in Poland and gains full control of Bacutil. “The acquisition of Bacutil gives us access to the poultry market in East Poland, ensuring further growth in this area and bringing us closer to our goal: a top 3 position in the agricultural sector in Poland”, says John Dortmans, Director of Agrifirm in Central and Eastern Europe.

Production sites

The company now has five production sites in Poland, located in Szamotuły, Topola Wielka, Margońska Wieś, Płośnica and Bedlno Radzyńskie. Realizing national coverage in all major agricultural areas. Over the coming months Bacutil will merge into Agrifirm.

Acquiring Bacutil contributes to Agrifirm’s mission of delivering relevant, measurable and sustainable value to its customers.

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