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(Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)  ̶  The Royal Agrifirm Group launched its ‘Better Together’ strategy for a responsible food chain for future generations. The agricultural cooperative is stepping up its focus on increasing applied knowledge and achieving synergy among all its divisions throughout the world.


With an innovative product portfolio, based on science combined with local and specific know-how, Royal Agrifirm Group offers customers worldwide the best integrated arable and nutritional solutions for the challenges they face.

Dick Hordijk, CEO Royal Agrifirm Group: “The complexity of demand is increasing, customers are becoming even more professional and the industry is consolidating. As a leading agricultural cooperative we need to respond to these challenges. The new ‘Better Together’ strategy of Royal Agrifirm Group is based on global collaboration and knowledge sharing between our Dutch Cooperative Agrifirm and our globally active subsidiaries Agrifirm, Nuscience, Preconex, Bonda, Oldambt, Nutral, Nutrifarma and Lusai. The synergy in activities accelerates improvement and optimises solution development, sustainability, operational excellence and digital solutions.”


Hordijk: “The new strategy further strengthens our unique position in the market. The combination of our knowledge on arable, specialties and nutritional products allows us to provide customers all over the world with unmatched arable and nutritional solutions. For instance providing programmes to improve animal well-being based on healthier animals with increased longevity and supported by smart feeding-concepts. Or taking the lead in precision agriculture thus optimising and significantly reducing the amount of crop protection a farmer uses. These examples help customers to increase their profits and moreover to answer the complex challenges they face today. Our growth aspirations as a cooperative in the Netherlands and in core markets across the globe are high. We want to have a real impact on local food chain solutions in markets where we play a significant role, because we believe we can help to make a difference – leading to truly sustainable solutions.”

Active agenda

Royal Agrifirm Group continues to strengthen its presence in selected countries with an active acquisition agenda. Royal Agrifirm Group’s vision to contribute to a responsible food chain for future generations reflects the inspiring drive of farmers all across the globe: to hand over a better farm to the next generation.

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