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Alltech introduces Viligen for piglets


Dunboyne (Ireland) – Alltech recently introduced Viligen. The product aime to enhance gut form and function while optimizing the immune system is developed for weaned pigs. Viligen was officially launched at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference in Kentucky.

Gut performance

For producers with weaned pigs, Viligen promotes gut health by directly targeting the gut mucosa. When the technology is added to the diet of piglets, it prepares the immature gut for efficient nutrient absorption and rapid growth, and it encourages feed intake by providing fatty acids, prebiotic components and readily available mineral forms.

“Viligen is the first product of its kind and will be available in all Alltech markets,” said Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, global species director at Alltech. “Pig producers will notice better intestinal health in their piglets, which will lead to better animal performance. Viligen will also drive feed intake and support health and survivability.”

Daily gain

By promoting gut health, Viligen is designed to help more pigs reach market weight. As demonstrated in commercial research, piglets consuming Viligen have improved average daily gain and average daily feed intake. Increasing feed intake in the piglets optimizes performance and provides a sturdy platform for optimal health, specifically gut health.

Alltech has developed a technology that addresses all profit and production aspects of nursery pig nutrition, including feed intake, body weight gain, piglet health, survivability and improved numbers of all-value pigs.

Viligen is a part of the Alltech Gut Health Management program and the Alltech Antibiotic-Free and Alltech Antibiotic Reduction programs. “Viligen is a complementary product that will help pigs produce the energy needed to absorb nutrients in the feed.” Viligen can be added directly to the complete meal, pelleted feeds and wet diets via a premix. Add Viligen to starter diets at 1 to 3 pounds per ton or 0.5 to 1.5 kilograms per ton.


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