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Unicorn introduces Presco Feed HI-Energie

presco feed

Weert (The Netherlands) –Unicorn Grain Specialties announced the launch of Presco Feed Hi-Energie. This product is the latest addition to the Presco portfolio, is a heat treated product combination of barley and corn, especially made for piglets.


In order to facilitate a smooth transition to solid feed during and directly after the weaning process, the quality of the (pre)starter feed is crucial. Presco Feed Hi-Energie supports optimal feed intake, high feed efficiency and live weight gain and is therefore an essential ingredient for young piglets.

The intensive heat treatment of the corn and barley during the Presco process ensures a high  digestion. The high degree of gelatinisation promotes rapid breakdown of the starch in the small intestine. Which supports easy digestibility and an optimal nutrient intake in the small intestine.

Widely applicable

Presco Feed Hi-Energie products may undergo a variety of post-treatments, such as milling, flaking and pressing. This makes them widely applicable on your menu of desired piglet feed.


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