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A record number of 28 dryer customers from around the world participated in Geelen Counterflow’s Dryer & Cooler Training 2018 which was held early October. Customers from Ecuador, Peru, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Denmark, France, Serbia and Poland learned how to optimize their counterflow dryers for extruded aquafeed or petfood for best efficiency, uniformity and lifetime.

‘Back to school’

This was the 11th year Geelen Counterflow organized this training. During the 3 day training, participants go back to school to learn about the thermodynamics of drying and cooling, relative humidity, dew point temperatures, wet bulb temperatures, mollier diagrams, enthalpy, sorption isotherms, diffusion coefficients, radiation, convection and so on.

The training days start with theory and in the afternoon participants follow four different workshops about dryer process calculations, dryer controls, air systems, and process measurement. In addition to learning about the thermodynamics, subjects include sanitation, condensation control and sustainability.

Next edition

Over the years more than 200 dryer customers have followed this course. The next Dryer Training for Geelen Counterflow dryer customers will take place in Haelen, the Netherlands in October 2019.

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