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The 6th Global Feed and Food Congress in Bangkok will discuss main issues confronting the global feed and food chain. One of the six key topics at the GFFC 2019 is sustainability.


For the topic of sustainability several renowned speakers from different parts of the world have been invited to address their few on the subject. Among the speakers is professor Ermias Kebreab of University of California Davis. He will speak about how to reduce our global footprint and feed the world. Dr. Jimmy Smith of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) will address the future of farming and food.


Tarique Arsiwalla, Vice President of the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed and owner of the insect breeding company Protix, will look at the role of insects in future sustainable agriculture.

Other topics of the GFFC 2019, which will be held March 11 to 13th in Bangkok (Thailand), include the digital revolution in agriculture, feed and food safety, nutritional innovation, global regulations and policy, and markets and trade.

Among the speakers on the forum for the Future of Feed and Food are dr. Rob Koremans, CEO of Nutreco; Joe Stone, Enterprise leader Cargill Animal Nutrition and dr. Lesley Mitchell, Director Sustainable Nutrition.

Professor Daniel Berckmans from the University of Leuven, Belgium will elaborate on ‘Precision Livestock Farming, a game changer for the livestock sector?’

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