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Evonik launched methionine white paper


Evonik launched a new White Paper at IPPE in Atlanta addressing the ongoing debate on the relative nutritional value of methionine sources in poultry diets.

The paper ‘Recent broiler trial confirms 2018 EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) scientific opinion on methionine sources while validating the experimental approach’ is by Andreas Lemme and Victor Naranjo of the Evonik Nutrition & Care division. It examines different methionine sources under various performance parameters.


Visitors to IPPE 2019 furthermore were informed about Evonik Animal Nutrition’s ProxyMet, a product designed to confirm the superior nutritional value of MetAmino versus methionine hydroxy analog free acid (MHA-FA). Using ProxyMet customers can now verify the bioefficacy published in numerous studies and trials by themselves.

“Switching to MetAmino makes it possible to achieve optimal performance results while realizing substantial savings,” says Alfred Petri, Senior Vice President of Sales Animal Nutrition. “Only 650g of MetAmino is required to achieve the same nutritional value as 1,000g MHA-FA. And this is in addition to the other advantages of MetAmino, like ease of handling, improved miscibility and shorter batch cycles in feed production.”

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