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ID4Feed acquired Valréas platform

Startup Company ID4Feed, specialized in the development of plant based nutritional supplements, acquired the technological platform of Valréas based in the Provence Region in France.

Plant extraction

This Valréas platform has been created in 2014 with the support of the University of Avignon in order to propose to different industries, including the feed industry, the latest and largest technologies in plant extraction. Since its creation, ID4Feed has been collaborating with Valréas in order to develop innovative phytogenic based feed supplements.


This acquisition of the Valréas platform will allow ID4Feed to expand its proposal in being able to develop specialty feed supplements and plant extracts for its own use and the one of its key customers worldwide. “This acquisition represents a key step in the development of the company. We plan to invest €1,2 million in Valréas in 2019 to develop innovative technologies of extraction and galenisation of plant extracs for the feed industry”, says Francois Gautier, general manager of ID4Feed.

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