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Vion opens Meat Master Center

Boxtel (The Netherlands)  ̶  Vion has opened its own Meat Master Center. In a special experience area at Vion’s headoffice in Boxtel, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders will be able to interactively get acquainted with Vion’s new meat concepts and demand-driven supply chains.


“The Vion Meat Master Center is a multifunctional area at our headquarters in Boxtel, opening up the world of meat to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. In this Center, visitors are able to see, taste and smell new meat concepts. In short: the Center generates a true experience”, explains Maiko van der Meer, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Vion’s Pork Division.

Van der Meer, “Vion is a food company: tasting is an important element of the experience we want to offer. In the Meat Master Center, our master butchers are able to give demonstrations. We also work with grill masters and chefs to create the ultimate taste experience.”

Supply chain

The story around demand-driven supply chains is another important theme in the experience center. John de Jonge, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Vion Pork, “We show how we work together from farmer to the end product. We demonstrate our expertise in meat and the way we build demand-driven, upgraded supply chains. Every supply chain partner has its own expertise. In the Meat Master Center we want to express this craftsmanship and the way in which we cooperate in the supply chain.”


The Vion Meat Master Center is available for Vion’s various stakeholders. Customers see presentations and can cook meat with Vion employees or a chef. The Vion Meat Master Center has been operational since the beginning of April 2019.

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