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King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands will open the new insect breeding facilities of Protix in Bergen op Zoom (NL) on June 11th, 2019.

The insect reared at this plant form a protein rich ingredient for the feed industry. During his visit the King will be guided through the breeding facilities. Protix-owners Tariq and Kees Aarts will be among the ones talking his royal highness through the production process. The King will be accompanied by the Dutch agricultural minister Carola Schouten.

Circular economy

The insects reared by Protix are grown on food waste. This way the production process contributes to the circular economy, one of the major elements in the policy of the Dutch government. The plant based residue remains from other production processes and can serve as food for the insects thus closing the carbon loop and preventing a waste stream in food processing.

Protein rich

The insect form the basis of a protein rich animal feed and contribute to a source of sustainable meat, vis and egg production suitable and safe for the consumer, states Protix.

The company started its business about ten years ago and developed from idea to an industry employing over hundred people, active in 15 countries.

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