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On September 9 and 10, Animine Academy is co-organised by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) and Animine, supplier of value-added sources of trace minerals. On that occasion a special tribute will be paid to Professor Gretchen M. Hill.

Professor Hill recently retired from Michigan State University. Dr. Hill’s research has focused on the trace minerals zinc, copper, selenium, and iron, and their interactions with other nutrients in swine, beef, dairy, sheep, humans, and rats.

Swine program

Collaborative research contributed to data on mineral metabolism, mass balance, nutrient management, including proposing new methods for determining requirements. She was awarded in 2015 ASAS Gary L. Cromwell Award for Research in Mineral Nutrition. Her review in Animine Academy will focus on the usage of zinc and copper in typical US swine feeding programs. This session, chaired by Prof. Wilhelm Windisch (Technische Universität München, Germany) will be enriched by Prof. Roselina Angel (University of Maryland, USA) who will evaluate digestibility and bioavailability values of macro and micro minerals.

More information about the event can be found on the Animine website: http://animine.eaap.org/

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