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Continuing its commitment to reduce agriculture’s environmental impact, Alltech has announced the addition of its mycotoxin binder, Mycosorb A+, to its Carbon Trust-accredited offerings.

The Carbon Trust has validated that correct use of Mycosorb A+ is capable of improving livestock and aqua performance by reducing the impact of mycotoxins. Within an average diet, Mycosorb A+ supports efficiency, manifesting in promoting uptake of nutrients, addressing dry matter intake (per unit output) and promotes milk yield (in cattle).

Emission reduction

The Carbon Trust has validated that in terms of ruminant livestock, it is likely that these changes will lead to a reduction in methane emissions in ruminants against a valid baseline and improvements in animal efficiency and performance in both monogastric livestock and aqua.

“Mycotoxins threaten animal health and producer profitability, so identifying and addressing these hidden challenges is very important for farmers,” explained Nick Adams, global manager of the Alltech Mycotoxin Management team. “Mycosorb A+ reduces mycotoxin absorption within the animal, thereby negating the damaging effects of mycotoxins on its health and productivity. The accreditation from the Carbon Trust gives recognition to Alltech’s continued drive to help producers improve productivity in a way that leads to a reduction in environmental impacts.”

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