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For its Hot Start Steammixer Van Aarsen was awarded the Victam Innovation Award in the category Animal Feed and Nutrition. The same honour was given to Geelen Counterflow for its Counterflow Cooler Plus.

“The Hot Start Steam mixer improves for the conditioning process by ensuring the guaranteed and precise heat treatment”, explaines Maril van Kempen of Van Aarsen. The product that is discharged from the Hot Start Steam mixer has reached the set temperature within a range of about 3 degrees Celsius.


Normally a conditioner takes about six minutes to start. The Hot Start Steam mixer reduces the starting time by half and takes only two to three minutes. “This system reduces starting time, contamination risks and shortens batch time.” According to Van Aarsen the machine doesn’t only save money, the Hot Start Steam mixer also contributes to the sustainability of the process by reducing the loss of raw material. “The sustainability aspect of production is more and more of importance to our customers and therefore an important aspects of improvements and innovations”, says Van Kempen.


Sander Geelen of Geelen Counterflow is very proud and content after being awarded the Innovation Award. The Counterflow Cooler Plus is a new generation counterflow coolers that improves product quality, operational costs and efficiency.

“Users who want to avoid fluctuation in raw material or operating conditions can controle the air volume and cooling time with the Evaporation Control of the cooler. This way evaporaion in the cooler will be maximised or minimised to the specifications required for the best end result.”

Besides the Dutch companies Van Aarsen and Geelen a Victam Innovation award was granted to Famsun. The Aquafeed Award was presented to Prairie AquaTech.

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