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Perstorp and Evonik sign research agreement

Perstorp and Evonik sign agreement to join forces in research.

Perstorp and Evonik signed a research agreement for the development of new animal nutrition products. Both companies also investigate future options for commercial partnerships.

This joint research approach combines Perstorp’s innovative ester technology platform for efficient and safe acid application with Evonik’s access to the gut health simulation system and probiotics portfolio. This offers the opportunity to combine practical experience with advanced science. Both companies are well-established in the animal health chain. The joint research efforts will focus on  products that improve the gut health of the animals.


Roger Mann, Executive Vice President Animal Nutrition, Perstorp, said: “As a leading specialty chemicals innovator, we help prevent antibiotic resistance from becoming an even bigger problem by offering alternative, more sustainable solutions for sound and profitable animal production. We’re excited by the opportunity this partnership with Evonik brings to build on the expertise of both companies to tackle this global challenge.”


Dr. Christoph Kobler, Head of Product Line Sustainable Healthy Nutrition at Evonik, added: “Both companies believe that the challenges of antimicrobial resistance in animal production can only be tackled with a holistic approach, using new and innovative solutions instead of the preventive use of antibiotics. This approach will help to ensure that sustainable livestock production remains possible without resorting to that intervention.”

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