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EuroTier Middle East successful

EuroTier Middle East

The debut edition of EuroTier Middle East took place in Abu Dhabi. According to the organiser DLG they can look back on a successful event. “Exhibitors and visitors alike were delighted with the lucrative business opportunities accessible to them over the three days of the trade fair.”

EuroTier Middle East 2019 welcomed more than 10,000 visitors from across the region to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Next to exhibitors offering innovative technologies and solutions for animal husbandry farmers in the region, EuroTier Middle East tailored a comprehensive technical conference & forum program to regional topics and introduced region-specific feature events like the animal show that featured over 6,500 animals and drew the participation of 175 breeders.


Director General of ADAFSA, Saeed Al Bahri Salem Al Ameri stated: “We are delighted with the high turnout and strong visitor response to the inaugural edition of EuroTier Middle East. It demonstrates the growing importance of the livestock sector across the region as well as Abu Dhabi’s huge potential within this vital sector. Through fostering partnerships and facilitating business deals among participating entities, the event has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the livestock sector in the UAE.”

The event drew the participation of over 120 exhibitors and 150 companies from 16 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the country of honour at EuroTier Middle East 2019. It also attracted 10,892 visitors over three days.

“The results support our belief that the environment for livestock farming in the region would make EuroTier Middle East the perfect platform to pull the livestock sector together and point the way for its development in the future,” said Jens Kremer, Deputy Managing Director & Director Business Development at DLG.


In addition to the DLG Forum providing visitors and exhibitors a variety of informative presentations during all three days of EuroTier Middle East 2019, from topics ranging to cattle and poultry production, camel genetics, aquaculture, biosecurity and many more, the second day of the trade fair kicked off with two international conferences on the topics of dairy production in arid climates and livestock production.


The organizers announced a further development in their relationship that will see the DLG and ADAFSA working together to establish a demonstration farm in the region. Likely to begin in 2020, this new resource for the livestock sector in the Middle East will allow new farming concepts to be put to the test in a practical way that can educate and inform farmers and assist them in their future investment decisions. The outcomes from this initiative and forged partnerships will be presented at the 2nd edition of EuroTier Middle East scheduled for March 2021.

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