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DON prevailing mycotoxins in Polish wheat

According to the mycotoxin survey of Polish wheat done by Adisseo, DON is the most frequently found mycotoxin in the 2019 harvest. Of the 117 samples, 29 percent contained this mycotoxin.

The 2019 Adisseo mycotoxin survey of Polish wheat included 117 wheat samples from across the country. The wheat samples were collected directly from farms or animal feed production sites. All samples were collected almost immediately after harvesting, so the probability of storage mycotoxins developing was low. The results showed that 29 percent of the wheat samples were contaminated with DON. Only 3 percent of samples contained ZEN.


The average concentrations of the recovered mycotoxins were medium to high. The maximum concentration of DON recovered in one of the samples was 2300 μg/kg, which was 8-times higher than the DON concentration of 247 μg/kg reported last year.

As expected, few samples (1%) were contaminated with OTA, and the maximum concentration in a single sample was also low (45.5 ug/kg). The results also showed that 56% of the samples were contaminated with HT-2 toxin and the maximum concentration recovered was 283 μg/kg. None of the samples contained AfB1 and FB2. Unexpectedly, 3% of the samples were contaminated with FB1, a typical maize

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