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Averting nitrogen emissions challenge


Following the declaration of a ‘climate and environmental emergency’ by the European Parliament, farmers and the agriculture industry can lead the fight against this crisis. Alltech has partnered with Dutch dairy nutrition company, Ingenieursbureau Heemskerk, to develop a solution. They are collaborating on a new technology, specifically designed to improve protein utilisation and reduce ammonia emissions in dairy cattle. Heemskerk intends to bring this product to the market in the near future.


The agriculture industry in the Netherlands has been heavily hit by demands to reduce nitrogen (N2) emissions. Following a Council of State judgment, the Dutch government is now looking at how the agricultural industry can play a role in reducing overall nitrogen emissions, such as ammonia and nitrous oxide, from cows and manure.

“We need to ensure that we get the most out of the protein in our animal feeds and use the latest technologies to reduce agriculture’s ammonia emissions. Producing more and better quality food, whilst at the same time reducing waste, aligns with our vision for a Planet of Plenty,” explained Robbie Walker, business development manager at Alltech. “Our partner Heemskerk, is working to create a solution that can empower farmers in the Netherlands to make a real contribution to solving some of the environmental impacts created through agriculture while working towards new, sustainable dairy production practices,” states Walker.


An additional solution to treat ammonia in manure storage facilities is also being developed. Adding a feed solution to the daily ration of cows, coupled with a manure storage facility treatment solution, could potentially see a reduction of 38 kilotons of ammonia (NH3) per year.

“Speed and agility are essential if farmers are going to have a positive impact in the fight to reduce nitrogen emissions,” said Eric Heemskerk, founder of Heemskerk. “By collaborating with Alltech, we are working to create a cost-effective solution to the ammonia crisis that can be easily deployed. Ultimately, the product we will be bringing to market is backed by science, and we look forward to empowering farmers to make s real difference.

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