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‘Health and nutrition go hand in hand’

health and nutrition
Victam and VIV joined forces to organise the special event for animal feed and breeding in Asia.

Animals can only be productive if they are healthy. Clean feed plants and farms with a high biosecurity status and precisely balanced rations to feed the animals. Strict veterinary control is needed. That’s a challenge. At VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 suppliers and seminars will present solutions how to tackle this challenge. 

Victam and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 is an initiative of Victam and VIV. Both organisations work together for this event which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from March 24th till 26th, 2020.


A solid and healthy animal production sector will be of paramount importance, in order to meet this growing demand for food. Logically, that all starts will healthy and productive animals. From their early life, precise and well balanced feed formulation is a prerequisite for such healthy and productive animals. Proper ingredients and additives are the basis for energetic rich rations. Apart from that, adequate veterinary control is of great importance, including proper medical treatment.

Furthermore, biosecurity in feed plants and at farm level is of great importance to prevent new outbreaks of contagious diseases, which again may lead to enormous losses. Moreover, the use of new and innovative feed ingredients, enhancing the immune system of animals is widely promoted. Many of such products have been developed in the past years and new products are permanently under development. Such products have a positive impact on the health status of animals. According to the organisers of the VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 all this underlines the why health and nutrition of production animals go hand in hand. Visitors can expect the event to inform about the challenges ahead and the possible solutions available already or in the future.

Conference program

Besides the exhibition the event offers an extensive conference program, which contains among others:

  • Pig and poultry focus Asia 2020
  • Aquatic Asia conference
  • Insect protein for animal feed
  • Aquafeed Extrusion Conference
  • Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2020
  • GRAPAS & Global Milling ASIA 2020
  • IFTC Asia 2020
  • Feed Strategy Seminar
  • Feed Sustainability

Besides the main conferences there are also several technical seminars during the three days of the event. Full program details can be found on the organisers website.

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