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Research at ACAC underlined the potential of the TOP starter feeds.

Alltech Coppens, an aqua nutrition specialist based in The Netherlands, has launched an improved range of starter feeds for trout. Backed by extensive research at Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC), TOP fry feed provides key nutrients while improving water quality.

Alltech Coppens advanced its range of starter feeds to support trout farmers. Research at ACAC shows that TOP fry feed has an optimised ratio between digestible protein and digestible energy (DP:DE). The result is better performance, higher protein utilisation and lower ammonia excretion, leading to improved feed efficiency and better water quality.

Optimum nutrition

‘We are excited about this feed and its ability to deliver optimum nutrition’, said Dr. Philip Lyons, global aquaculture research manager at Alltech Coppens. ‘Not only are producers able to improve performance during a critical phase, but they can also do so with an eye toward sustainability.’

Trials conducted at ACAC have shown that by reducing the digestible protein to digestible energy ratio (DP:DE) in every size of the TOP line, the protein utilisation by juvenile trout was markedly improved.


Further research shows that this feed range allows the bacteria in biofilters to be more efficient, as they have to convert less ammonia per kilogram of feed. This is beneficial for RAS systems and any trout hatchery.

Two of the largest sizes of TOP feed are now available as micro-pellets that combine a slow sink rate paired with high water stability. This allows trout fry more time to eat while the water is kept cleaner. ‘The TOP line of products rounds out a suite of high-quality feeds designed to optimise the health and performance of fish throughout the production cycle.’

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