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With the outbreak of the Corona-virus reaching the status of a pandamic according to the WHO, the disease has a major impact on society. The disease has an effect on daily lives around the globe and also the food production chain, including the feed industry.

Of course there is the direct effect of the measures governments around the globe are taking to mitigate the spread of the disease. Contact between people is minimised in many societies. This affects the planned meetings such as congresses and exhibitions, but also meetings within companies and between company and client. Exhibitions such as Victam & Animal Health Asia have been postponed, Alltech decided to make its annual meeting in Kentucky a virtual meeting with an online seminar program and key note speakers.

Supply chain

Besides that, we can now see that the measures are impacting the food supply chains around the globe. This effect will most likely increase as more and more countries decide to close the airspace for flights from abroad. In some cases cargo flights are permitted, but decisions like these are going to effect the supply chains in the near future. For the time being most countries stress that they are able to supply their inhabitants with the necessary food supplies for the next few weeks.

Feed industry

This is also true for most of the feed producers who will have enough raw materials in stock to last for a certain period of time. Some companies have asked their customers to order more in advance as the shifts are impacted by the fact that they have to work with less people in a shift. Sometimes due to illness (not necessary related to the corona-virus but anybody with flu-like symptoms is ordered to stay home), sometimes just due to the fact that they have to shuffle personnel in such a way that there will be people available at all times. Visits to farmers are limited to those strictly necessary to solve on farm issues.  


The impact of the Corona-virus on businesses is enormous, also financial. The food chain is effected as well, due to the standstill of society. However, animals and humans have to eat. Therefore governments have indicated the food supply chain as crucial for their country thus allowing personnel in this sector to go to work and make sure the production continues.

According to the specialists the next few weeks are crucial for the development of the disease as the temperatures in the northern hemisphere will rise. The hope is this will help die down the impact of the virus and buy time to normalise circumstances and moreover, buy time to find a cure.

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