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Fefac congress scheduled for september

Fefac congress

After careful consideration, the organising committee has decided to postpone the XXIX Fefac Congress to 24-25 September 2020 at the same venue, the FMCCA (Elisabeth Centre) in Antwerp.

The congress which celebrates the sixtieth year of Fefac was orginally planned for the first week of June. The situation with regard to Covid-19 is evaluating in such a way the organising committee decided to reschedule the event to the second half of 2020. “Rest assured that we will continue to monitor the situation and follow all the latest information and advice from the Belgian authorities, as well as the World Health Organisation and the European CDC and will act accordingly if necessary.”


Despite the date change, the program remains the same. “Given the fact that Covid-19 will have an enormous impact on all of us, but also on our businesses, we will schedule a special workshop on 24 September dedicated to COVID-19 impacts ‘Lessons to be learnt’.” More details will follow in due course.


Those delegates who have already registered for the June event, their registration will automatically be changed to the new dates. Should you be unable to come, please contact the organisers by mail: fefaccongress2020@bfa.be. If you have not registered yet, registrations are open until 23 August 2020 via de special website of the Fefac-congress.

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