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Nutrex moved to new headquarters


The employees of Nutrex haved moved to their newly built premises in Olen, Belgium. This building meets the highest standards and is equipped with new offices, laboratories, a warehouse and a state-of-the-art production facility.

The new premises will allow Nutrex (formerly known as Agrimex) to make new steps forward for further growth in the domestic and our international activities.


At Hoogbuul in Olen, on a site of 12.500 square meter, an industrial building has arisen. The building consists of 2.000 m2 offices and social space, 3.514 m2 of warehouses and a 25 m high production tower. This allows for 2.965 m2 of production space in total. Besides the Nutrex production facilities and the headquarters, the building also includes an innovation center.


“The investment in Olen is needed, on the one hand to be able to develop and produce new products, and on the other hand to further expand production capacity”, according to Kurt Van de Mierop. The new plant is built with the most modern production techniques that can combine high capacity with maximum flexibility, both for large and small production runs. “Tailor-made production for third parties is also possible. By using a unique, custom-designed solution with internal container transport, carry-over is excluded, and the highest quality and complete traceability can be guaranteed.”


The new laboratories also enable accelerated development and testing of new products, according to Van de Mierop. “Thanks to this investment, we can centralize all its strategic activities related to product development, production and marketing in one location.”

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