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Grady Fain, director NCA with Hamlet Protein, is pleased the company strenghtened its distribution network in North and Central America.

Hamlet Protein announced the renewal of existing distribution partnerships and the start of new ones in Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for young pig, poultry and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. Grady Fain, Regional Director North and Central America with Hamlet Protein: “We are very pleased to announce the extension of existing relationships and the start of new ones. Our distribution partners have deep knowledge of the local markets. Coupled with our technical support, we feel confident that together we can achieve our ambitious growth agenda going forward.”


The NCA region (North and Central America) combines some of the world’s top feed producing countries, with 215 MMt produced in the US, 37 MMt in Mexico and 30 MMt in Canada. The protein company increased the production capacity in Findlay, Ohio with the completion of a new production line earlier this year, and is targeting growth across the region.

Based in Findlay, Ohio, the American branch has been steadily increasing its production capacity, technical and commercial resources. The company aims to increase its leading position in swine nutrition and has made a successful entrance in the poultry market.

Target market

Canada has long been a target market for the company. It renewed its already successful partnership with Jefo Canada, with the aim to increase market share in the monogastrics segment. To be closer to customers in the Spanish speaking geographies in the NCA region, soy protein company established a distribution relationship with Jefo Mexico and partnered with Profil in Central America. Distribution agreements were signed for Profil’s group companies in El Salvador (Servicios Tecnicos Avicolas); Honduras (Profilaxis) and Guatemala (Profilaxis).

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