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De Heus Animal Nutrition signed an agreement for the acquisition of the Polish compound feed company Golpasz. The acquisition is subject to approval from the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


Golpasz is one of the leading feed producers in Poland. The company produces 500,000 tonnes of compound feed annually. Golpasz offers a complete range of compound feeds for multiple animal categories. This includes turkey, broilers, pigs and cattle (meat and milk). The company has four modern production sites located in important livestock farming regions. De Heus Animal Nutrition boosts growth in Poland with acquisition of Golpasz.


“Both companies perceive many mutual benefits in the new partnership. De Heus and Golpasz have high-quality specialised knowledge in animal nutrition, animal husbandry and livestock farming. These competences enable both companies to develop and supply tailor-made nutritional and business solutions,” says Adam Zaleski, General Manager of De Heus Poland.

Combining strengths will accelerate further improvement, according to both companies. Golpasz has gained highly specialised knowledge in the area of turkey nutrition, which is of added value to De Heus. Golpasz will obtain access to De Heus’ international network and expertise centre. This will provide Golpasz with the opportunity to enrich its knowledge. As a result this will accelerate product innovation initiatives.


Wiesław llków, General Manager Golpasz: “We will be able to continue development in those segments of the market where we already operate. We will use our combined knowledge and experience to serve our clients even better, as we know continuous improvement of efficiency is key to success.”


All the necessary documents have been passed to the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) for approval. Both companies will perform in an unchanged manner until a formal decision has been made by UOKiK.

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