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ICCF has published a document on the ‘homogeneity testing of feed ingredients’.

Milling and Grain magazine and Progressus Agrischools of Asia announce the launch of The Online Milling School. This digital school kicks off with a Livestock Feed Milling Course. This course is made up of twelve live-streamed sessions that run through the months of July to September 2020.


The course consists a series training modules that address the most critical aspects of livestock feed manufacturing and will be delivered by a number of feed milling experts who are ready to share their valuable knowledge and know-how for the overall betterment of the industry and its professionals.


Each week there will be a 1.5-to-2.5 hours of live delivery of one topic. Information on all sessions is given on the website of the online milling school. Those interested can choose to attend all or a selection of sessions. Prior experience in the field is not needed to get started, according to the initiators. For those that do have experience in feed milling, there is significant detail in the series which will enable those attendees to refresh their knowledge and stay up-to-date on techniques, standards and milling requirements.


The course will enable participants to start building critical capabilities and gain an extended understanding of each aspect of the feed milling process. Those who complete the full course of twelve episodes will obtain a Certificate of Attainment to support their additional knowledge base.

There is a complementary introductory session, scheduled for July 15th at 14:00 Bangkok/Jakarta time.

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