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Liprovit en Nukamel start a collaboration on the production of fat filled whey powders.

Liprovit and Nukamel have joined forces on the sales and product development of fat filled whey products, with a special focus on Latin America and Russia.

Liprovit has built a state-of-the-art spray tower, based on the latest technology available, for the production of 40.000 metric tons of dairy products per year, in particular fat filled whey powders.
Nukamel and Liprovit start a strategic cooperation for the development of a new generation fat filled powders and the commercialisation of these products in the Latin American and Russian markets.


Liprovit is a specialist in formulating and producing liquid milk replacers for the veal and piglet markets. The company is owned by the Dutch family Fuite group.

Nukamel, with 65 years of experience, is a pioneer in the development and production of calf milk replacer and has a vast knowledge on dairy products and their application in the animal feed industry. The company also has an excellent worldwide sales network, active in over 60 countries, where the need for such a product is increasing day by day.

Milk replacer

The aim is to develop products that can be used in the milk replacer industry. We focus on product stability, flowability, mixing behaviour etc, in order for the final product to have excellent organoleptic properties.

The ever-increasing specialisation of the feed sector, not least because of genetic developments, makes the need for specific feed focused applications increasingly important. Nukamel and Liprovit both have their historical roots in the compound feed business. They will work together to develop superior products, not only from an organoleptic point of view, but also nutritionally.


Both companies have a strong long term focus. Combining their strengths and capabilities will create a powerful partnership in production, development and sales to serve the worldwide market with superior product quality.

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