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Delacon introduces Syrena Boost for aqua market


Delacon’s aqua team proudly announces the worldwide launch of Syrena Boost. This product offers a full phytogenic solution to serve modern aquaculture practices. The premixture targets gut performance and productivity. It is a solution for all aqua species. To date, trial results are available for Tilapia.

Bio actives

Disease outbreaks, food safety assurance, and unstable productivity are just a few challenges in aquaculture. Delacon developed Syrena Boost with well-selected bio actives. The product is a premixture of specific saponins, spices and essential oils.

The phytogenic solution serves an efficient, profitable and sustainable aquaculture production, say Delacon experts. “Trial results show improved feed intake by 6 percent, a boost in specific growth rate of 5 percent and a return on investment rate of 4:1.


“For developing Syrena Boost, we released our phytogenic expertise. In-vivo and in-vitro trials underline the performance of the product. It is a natural product with high quality, standardized and proven active ingredients,” says Alex Makol, Species Leader Aqua. Sensitive ingredients of Syrena Boost are micro-encapsulated. This ensures thermal stability and slow intestinal release of sensitive ingredients.

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