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Adifo and BASF will adjust feed formulation software to integrate sustainability.

BASF and Adifo Software will launch a new digital solution for the animal agriculture value chain. The companies will integrate sustainability analytics powered by BASF’s AgBalance Livestock project into Adifo’s Bestmix feed formulation software.


BASF’s sustainability analytics enable the industry to dynamically assess the life cycle environmental impacts to make animal protein production more sustainable. Adifo’s Bestmix software allows nutritionists and formulators to manage and optimize nutrition and cost attributes of feed and ration formulation. By integrating BASF’s sustainability analytics into Bestmix, customers along the animal agriculture value chain will be able to strategically manage and optimize feed formulation based on nutrition and cost while taking environmental sustainability aspects into account.


“This partnership will significantly advance feed formulation,” says Daniela Calleri, Vice President Business Management BASF Animal Nutrition. “While cost is still relevant, sustainability has become an important driver for the animal protein sector. This joint solution by BASF and Adifo enables customers to improve their formulations for least environmental impact and offers substantial opportunities for the value chain.”

BASF has a long history of collaboration with partners from the poultry, pork, dairy, beef and aquaculture value chains globally to drive sustainable solutions from farm-to-fork. The BASF digital sustainability analytics innovations couple nearly twenty years of life cycle sustainability work in the feed and animal protein industry with leading science-based digitalization capabilities.

Game changer

“We recognize the importance of sustainability as one of the game changers in the animal feed sector and other nutrition industries for the coming years,” says Gerard Marneth, CEO at Adifo. “With this strategic partnership with BASF, we want to continue our path of innovation in Bestmix software by allowing our customers to include sustainability as a parameter into their formulations and rations. Extending insights and minimizing environmental impact by using the enhanced Bestmix will allow the industry to grow jointly towards a more sustainable future.”


Capabilities to improve will be integrated to devise the most sustainable formulations within defined cost tolerances. BASF’s AgBalance Livestock project functionality within Bestmix will provide the ability to rapidly and dynamically assess feed formulation scenarios and associated life cycle sustainability impacts within Bestmix.


BASF and Adifo Software are currently finalizing the functionality via customer pilot projects. The companies target to commercially launch this solution to the market in early 2021.

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