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Royal Agrifirm Group joins GFLI


The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) welcomed Royal Agrifirm as a member. The independent animal nutrition and food industry institute GFLI pursues the goal to become a global provider of a high quality greenhouse gas data of feed raw materials.

GFLI enters a new phase now that their database is online. Royal Agrifirm is among the first major market players to participate in the initiative.


“By becoming a member of GFLI, we want to actively contribute to the widest possible range of feed material and geographical origins will be included in the database,” says Ruud Tijssens, director Public and Cooperative Affairs at Royal Agrifirm Group.

“We support GFLI as the key database to use for conducting footprint calculations that allow for meaningful comparisons within the sector, based on a harmonized methodology. Considering the climate impact of livestock production, this is a necessary movement within the sector.”


Agrifirm is committed to deliver a significant contribution to improving the environmental footprint of their products. Within livestock production, the feed production stage carries a large share of the environmental footprint. “As a producer of animal feed, we feel a clear responsibility to make concentrated efforts in this area. By developing products with a lower environmental footprint, the entire value chain will be supported.”


“Agrifirm will surely benefit from the use of the GFLI database to hit their respective targets regarding feeding animals with sustainably sourced feed,” according to Arjen Voortman and Delanie Kellon from GFLI. “Corporates like the Royal Agrifirm Group are an essential stakeholder in the feed industry. They will be receiving more and more demand for feed material with a low environmental footprint. It is thus in the interest of both GFLI and its partners to create a working environment that will benefit the planet in the long-term. The scale at which these corporates operate will represent a remarkable added value to the feed industry.”

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