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Kärki-Agri was founded in 1996 and specializes in serving Finnish cattle and dairy farms.

Alltech and DLG Group are joining forces with a focus on livestock producers in Scandinavia. Both companies have partnered up for the purchase of Finnish company Kärki-Agri. In a joint venture the feed companies will strengthen their delivery of innovative, field-proven animal nutrition.

Joint venture

The companies will each hold a 50 percent share in the Kärki-Agri joint venture, located in the Finnish town of Seinäjoki. “We are excited about the opportunity this will afford us to better serve our Scandinavian customers,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “This joint venture will once again enable us to combine DLG’s excellence in premix manufacturing with Alltech’s cutting-edge nutritional solutions.”


Kärki-Agri was founded in 1996 and specializes in serving Finnish cattle and dairy farms. Their offerings include animal health products, specialty feeds and feed preservatives. The company also opened a premix plant in 2015, where they produce custom feeds and Nutrilix specialty blocks.

“We have been an Alltech customer for over 20 years and trust their technology,” said Antti Kuoppamaki, majority stakeholder for Kärki-Agri. “I know that Alltech and DLG share our commitment to supporting producers, and I look forward to the future success of the business through the collaboration of Alltech and DLG.”


This collaboration between DLG and Alltech follows the successful joint venture in 2017 in Russia. There the companies cooperated in AV Nutrismart Holdings, a premix business based in Orenburg, Russia.

“With this second joint venture with Alltech, we will strengthen our position and presence in Finland, which is located in a region that offers exciting opportunities,” said Jacob Holm Pedersen, CEO of the Vilofoss Group and Executive Vice President with responsibility for Premix & Nutrition at DLG. “The synergies created through this cooperation will give customers better access to products that, by optimizing feed efficiency, improve production economy and increase their competitive advantage.”

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