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Bayer supported the RTRS certification of a part of the farmers in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

In partnership with the IDH – Sustainable Trade Initiative and Clube Amigos da Terra (CAT), Bayer has supported RTRS certification in Sorriso (MT). The support is part of Bayer’s commitment to sustainability in agricultural production in the region.

The company has covered 50 percent of the costs of the audit process needed to receive RTRS certification in Brazil’s primary grain producer region.

Loyalty program

Since 2013, Bayer and RTRS have cooperated to raise awareness of the importance of certification for producers. The subsidy given by Bayer covers about 25 producers who are part of the Cultivando a Vida Sustentável (Cultivating Sustainable Life) program. The program was co-financed by IDH and CAT in Sorriso. Farmers acquired the audit through the Impulso Bayer loyalty program in the Orbia platform. This platform is a marketplace for inputs, seeds and commodities. The total area of certified farms is 128,000 hectares, with 75,000 hectares devoted to grain production.


“Working with sustainability and focusing on environmental, social and economic issues is one of Bayer’s premises. We understand the need to directly support producers. Initiatives like this are meant to increase the uptake of grain certification”, says Alessandra Fajardo, Director of Engagement Strategy for agriculture and the environment for Latin America at Bayer.


“Private sector engagement is essential to scaling up the sustainable land development model. This also helps generating the impacts expected by all parties involved in this collective endeavor”, adds Daniela Mariuzzo, Executive Director of IDH for Brazil and the Sustainable Landscapes in Program Latin America.

In RTRS 2019 Annual Conference, RT14, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, RTRS signed a MoU with IDH and CAT Sorriso. This MoU aimed to adhere to the Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) strategy. The PCI strategy intends to promote sustainable soy production in Sorriso through a jurisdictional approach. One year later, Bayer joined the PCI Pact in Sorriso, Brazil.


“Jurisdictional approaches have a strong value as they bring together producers, players in the private sector and local governments pursuing the transformation of a region”, says Marcelo Visconti, RTRS Executive Director.

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