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IDMA and Victam EMEA 2021 rescheduled

IDMA and Victam EMEA are rescheduled. Dates are to be set.

Due to covid restrictions around the world the IDMA and VICTAM 2021 event for May 27-29, 2021 has been postponed and will be rescheduled. The organisation announced it decision today.

New dates

The decision to postpone the event was requested by associations that support IDMA and Victam exhibitors and visitors, according tot the organisers of the event. “We will inform you with new dates as soon as possible”, says Sebas van den Ende, general manager of the Victam Corporation, in a letter to all relations.

He thanks the business partners, associations, exhibitors and visitors for their support and cooperation in this challenging time. “We believe that in the upcoming days, the circumstances for such events will be more fruitful and productive for our participants.”


Van den Ende and the Victam Corporation express their trust in the future. “We will overcome the challenges of this pandemic situation together. Health and safety is our priorty and in this regard we would like to emphasize that our decision to reschedule the fair is to have a successful fair in the future.”

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