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Nutreco publishes sustainability report 2020

Nutreco published its sustainability report 2020.

Nutreco completed its Vision 2020 last year and adopted a new RoadMap 2025. The companies sustainability strategy is framed within the context of this five year strategy. In the Sustainability Report 2020 published today, Nutreco explains its sustainability achievements in 2020.


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the year 2020 is huge, acknowledges José Villalon, Corporate Sustainability Director at Nutreco. He expresses the hope that de world will learn from the experiences society had gone through over the past year. “I hope this will help shape the future of the way people and industries will address sustainability”, Villalon states in an interview with Rob Koremans, CEO of Nutreco.

Three pillars

With regards to sustainability within Nutreco, Villalon points out the company has set a dot on the horizon. “We’ve set a dot in 2025 and were we want to be as a company by then.” The Roadmap 2025 is build on three pillars: health and welfare, climate and circularity and good citizenship.


Within the pillar of Health and Welfare the main focus is on prevention of antibiotic resistance. “This I must say I as a trained medical professional welcome very much”, says Koremans. Looking at the climate and circularity attention will be given to sourcing. “We aim to decouple deforestation from our supply chain. Our procurement departments within Skretting and Trouw Nutrition are dedicated to that on a daily basis”, says Villalon. Koremans acknowledges that some of the sustainability targets set, won’t be easy to achieve. “But we owe it to future generation to make sure that they will also have a healthy planet to live on.”


The new sustainability report is a content rich document, according Koremans. “It demonstrates our commitment to the United Nations sustainability development goals. It is all part of our purpose: Feeding the Future.”

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