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Hamlet Protein and Danbred published a feeding manual for different stages of the piglet development.

Hamlet Protein supported Danbred, an international pig breeding company, on writing a feeding manual. Farmers can access the manual online. They can use it to maximize the Danbred piglet potential through optimized nutrition.

Lots of present day issues create a challenging environment for pig producers around the world. Examples of such challenges are volatile feeding costs, pressure to reduce medication and the threat of diseases, In such circumstances nutrition can make a difference, together with good farm management and strong genetics.


Years of scientific research and performance trials evidence how optimized diet formulation can positively impact the health status of the pig and support the performance of the animal. Based on the biological development of the piglet, three main feeding stages can be identified: 6-9 kilos; 9-15 kilos and 15+ kilos. The feed quality in the first two stages is crucial in reducing the risk of post weaning diarrhea.

Jes Klausen

Jes Klausen, Swine Nutritionist at Hamlet Protein presented the feeding manual to Danbred and Hamlet Protein customers in a webinar: “The period from weaning – at typically 6 kg – to 15 kg is a very critical phase in the development of the young piglet. The small intestines are growing by 15 cm a day, but the enzyme capacity is initially still immature.  Investing in healthy nutrition, low in antinutritional factors, in this phase is setting the stage for a healthy and economic performance of the fattening pig.”


“We are excited about the cooperation between Danbred and Hamlet Protein.  Next to genetics and good management practices, nutrition is an important part of achieving the full potential of the Danbred piglets. Through this feeding manual we intend to provide a guideline on how to feed piglets in the most economical way, whilst addressing the increasing pressure on the use of additives and medication,” commented Ashley Norval, Knowledge Transfer Manager with Danbred.

“Combining our Hamlet Protein experience on piglet nutrition with Danbred’s knowledge on genetics created a fantastic opportunity for our teams to work together. That cooperation resulted in a practical guideline for pig farmers on how to create the most efficient and effective pre-starter and starter feeds for piglets. Joining forces with other leaders in our industry allows us to be part of solutions that can make a difference, right from the start,” concluded Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.

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