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The second IFTC is planned for May 31th and June 1st, 2022 in Utrecht.

The second International Feed Technology Congres (IFTC) will be held during Victam International in 2022. The congres and exhibition will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. IFTC is planned for May 31th and June 1st, 2022 and is hosted bij Wageningen University and the Victam Foundation.


The first edition of IFTC was held in Cologne, Germany. This edition brought together 120 researchers from 26 different countries of all continents. Like the first edition the second event again will focus  on bringing together researchers from universities, research institutions and industry to discuss the latest developments in feed technology.

First edition

During the IFTC in Cologne valorization of raw materials by technology, current process developments and outcomes of feed technology with respect to feed formulation were major topics. A special workshop was organized to discuss current and future issues of importance in feed manufacturing technology. Contributions and the results of the workshop were recently published as a special issue of the ‘Animal Feed Science & Technology’ journal.

The successful format of the first IFTC will guarantee high quality presentations by world-renowned experts, open discussions, and publication of the latest scientific and practical developments in feed technology during the next IFTC.

Call for papers

The second IFTC will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands  on May 31st and June 2nd at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This coincides with the Victam International Exhibition. Those interested in presenting a paper can contact the organisers about the possibilities on offer. A more detailed program will be available in due course.

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