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Danisco expands launch of Axtra Phy Gold

Axtra Phy Gold works faster than other phytases to break down phytate, according to Danisco Animal Nutrition.

Danisco Animal Nutrition launched its novel phytase enzyme, Axtra Phy Gold, in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. The product was first launched in India in 2020 and will eventually be available across all markets in Asia Pacific, pending regulatory authorizations. 

Axtra Phy Gold is a bioefficacious phytase which helps improve sustainability while delivering greater feed cost savings to producers, according to Danisco Animal Nutrition.


“In Asia Pacific, fluctuations in raw material availability, quality and costs for livestock feed have increased the demand for innovative feed additive solutions. Our new phytase addresses these input challenges by offering flexibility and consistency, delivering performance and feed cost savings for producers,” said Dr. Arno de Kreij, segment leader, Danisco Animal Nutrition. The company became part of IFF, an worldwide operating industry leader in food and feed.


Recent scientific studies demonstrate that Axtra Phy Gold’s ability to allow formulation of inorganic phosphate-free high phytate diets, improves sustainability of animal production. It also offers thermostability.

Phytate is the main storage form of phosphorus in all grains, which represents the basis of most plant-based diets used in animal production. Phytases are enzymes that help break down phytate. This allows better absorption of phosphate and reduces the need for addition of phosphate supplements in poultry and swine diets. The ideal phytase needs to break down phytate as quickly as possible to reduce the phytate’s negative impact. This requires an enzyme that is highly active at a low pH in an animal’s upper digestive tract.


“Most poultry and swine diets contain a phytase enzyme, which is an important contributor to the feed performance. Axtra Phy Gold has a good pH profile. The product also works faster than other competitor phytases to break down phytate, thus avoiding interference with digestion and performance. As a result, it can improve the release and subsequent uptake of phosphorous, calcium, energy and amino acids. Furthermore it will reduce the anti-nutritional effects of phytate, and drive more feed cost savings,” according to De Kreij.


Danisco Animal Nutrition has over 20 years of leadership in phytase development and production. In 2003, the company launched Phyzyme XP. This was the first bacterial phytase to help animal producers reduce phosphorus emissions. It also benefited the nutrient uptake and maximized phytate break down to drive profitability. As most feed is pelleted, in 2009, Danisco Animal Nutrition introduced pioneering Thermo Protection Technology (Phyzyme XP TPT). This resulted in greater thermostability.

In 2013, the business set a new benchmark of bioefficacy with the launch of Axtra Phy. Before the introduction of the new Axtra Phy Gold, Axtra Phy was the most bioefficacious phytase on the market due to its low pH optimum. 


“At Danisco Animal Nutrition, we are committed to innovating to develop better solutions for animal producers. Axtra Phy Gold is an example of this commitment,” said Dr. de Kreij.

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