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of Dr. Hazel Rooney as technical pig coordinator and Paula Mc Cooey as poultry manager at Alltech Ireland.

Alltech Ireland appointmented Dr. Hazel Rooney as technical pig coordinator and Paula Mc Cooey as poultry manager. They will work closely with the sales, marketing and research teams to support customers and partners in the European market.


Rooney will be responsible for coordinating and developing technical solutions for pigs for the Irish and European marketplace, working closely with the sales and gut health management teams and also as a liaison between Alltech’s marketing and research teams.

“I look forward to working with the industry to overcome challenges by improving pig health, welfare and growth performance”, according to Rooney.


As the Alltech Ireland poultry manager, Mc Cooey is responsible for managing the poultry accounts across the island of Ireland. She will work closely with customers at all levels to advise, problem solve and provide solutions based on customer needs.

“The poultry industry is a thriving and progressive sector to be involved in,” Paula commented. “I look forward to working with producers and those in the industry to maximise on-farm potential and meet the challenges and demands that the industry faces.”

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