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Hamlet Protein launches new fiber product

fiber boost
Hamlet Protein introduces a new fiber product for piglets.

Hamlet Protein launched HP FiberBoost, a pure fiber product containing functional fibers produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets. The product completes Hamlet Protein’s fiber range, It also offers producers an additional option when formulating diets without Zinc Oxide.

Effective tool

Therapeutic use of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) has been a very effective tool for preventing post weaning diarrhea in piglets. Without pharmacological levels of ZnO, and with the well-known restrictions on the use of antibiotics already in place, European producers are forced to look for alternative strategies to maintain animal performance and health.


Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser, commented: “We do not think one single product can replace the current use of Zinc Oxide. A ZnO- free pig production requires improvements in many fields that include farm management, biosecurity, genetics, and nutrition. The introduction of fiber as a functional ingredient, to stimulate the gut and ease the transition at weaning, forms part of Hamlet Protein’s strategy to help pig producers to transition to Zinc Oxide-free diets.”


HP FiberBoost was developed to address a market demand from customers interested in combining fiber with a vegetable protein source. The product HP FiberStart combines enzymatically co-processed protein and fibre raw materials. HP FiberBoost on the other hand is a pure fibre product. This product contains functional fibres produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets. The product addresses a market demand from producers that are interested in pure fiber without the inclusion of protein.


“HP FiberBoost allows flexibility apart from the protein for optimizing the fibre content in pig starter and/or sow diets. Having this option and flexibility for feed formulations is important to many of our customers,” concluded Visser.

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