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Algae are gaining increasing attention as potentially game-changing animal feed ingredients.

Responsible protein specialists Livalta, an AB Agri company, and Pond Technology will together create algae-based animal feed ingredients from CO2 emissions.

Game changer

Algae are gaining increasing attention as potentially game-changing animal feed ingredients. Until now, the technology to produce algae at the scale, quality and cost required to be an affordable ingredient for animal feed, has remained elusive. Pond’s technology together with Livalta’s expertise in new proteins for animal feeds, is set to change that according to both partners.

First product

The first product will be spirulina, combining 60% protein with Omega 6 and essential vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is renowned for its nutritional and functional value both in food and animal feed.

Plans are in place for Pond to install Livalta’s first pilot plant at British Sugar’s Wissington site in Norfolk in 2022. This will be followed by a commercial-sized plant at the same site producing 20,000 tons of spirulina from CO2 emissions, with the prospect of additional collaborations in the future to develop further production sites.


AB Agri Chief Executive José Nobre said: “At AB Agri we are committed to pioneering new and bold technologies to provide safe, high-quality nutrition, whilst minimising our environmental footprint. That is why we created Livalta as a specialist division to address the global protein challenge.”

Managing Director of Livalta, Valerie Schuster, commented: “We believe that science and technology are key to turning the protein challenge into an opportunity. We are very excited about this partnership with Pond and the potential that lies in their technology to produce algae using CO2 emissions. We look forward to working together to make positive change happen.”


President & CEO at Pond Technology, Grant Smith, said: “This landmark partnership with AB Agri gives us global access to the animal feed market. The further validation of our model provides us significant momentum. Together with AB Agri and Livalta, we work to develop algae as a cost-effective responsible feed ingredient. We will do this transforming climate change emissions into commercial animal feed ingredients.”

Step forward

AB Agri and Pond joining forces to tackle producing affordable and responsible food is a major step forward, according to both partners.

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