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Ruud Tijssens new IFIF Chairman

Ruud Tijssens
IFIF has a new chairman in the person of Ruud Tijssens (right).

The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) elected Ruud Tijssens as chairman. Tijssens currently holds a position as Group Director Public & Cooperative Affairs, Royal Agrifirm Group, as new chairman for 2022-2023. The election took place at IFIF’s 34th General Assembly held on 21 September 2021.


Outgoing IFIF Chairman Dr. Daniel Bercovici led the Federation over the past four years. Bercovici welcomed Tijssens as his successor at the General Assembly: “I warmly congratulate Ruud Tijssens on his election. We are at a critical phase of implementing IFIF’s strategy in the face of important global challenges and opportunities in the feed and food chain. I believe Ruud is well placed to successfully lead the Federation to contribute to the growth of a sustainable feed industry worldwide.”


Tijssens thanked Bercovici for “his outstanding leadership of IFIF over the last four years under. In this period IFIF experienced strong growth in strategic projects and deeper relationships with international stakeholders. The organisation also attracted a range of new members from across the globe.”

The new chairman also thanked all IFIF Members for their contributions to the success of the federation. “This strengthens IFIF as the united voice of the global feed industry to promote and support sustainable, safe, nutritious and affordable food for a growing world population.”


On accepting his two-year term as chairman, Tijssens highlighted that the federation will continue the focus on the three strategic pillars. These include:

  • regulatory to promote a balanced regulatory framework and support the dynamic pace of innovation
  • sustainability with science-based standards to contribute to the measurement and management of the feed and livestock sector footprint
  • education and best practices.

“We will continue to drive key initiatives, including IFIF’s Nutritional innovation work, capacity development for feed safety programmes, as well as the IFIF FAO International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) series.”


He added: “We work closely together closely our global partners and stakeholders to support the sustainable development of animal production and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. IFIF will continue to champion science-based decisions, the need for continued innovation and better technologies, as well as regulatory convergence and free and fair trade.”


Tijssens has held several leadership positions within IFIF before becoming a chairman. Previously Tijssens served as chair of IFIF’s Sustainability Steering Group as well as a member of the IFIF Executive Committee and the IFIF Board of Directors. He has more than thirty years of diverse executive experience in the Agri and Food sector, with a focus on Innovation, Research & Development, Management and Governance processes. He will bring his longstanding experience both with IFIF as well as international feed industry matters to the role of IFIF Chairman.

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1 reactie op “Ruud Tijssens new IFIF Chairman

  1. Johan Tolkamp schreef:

    Gefeliciteerd Nederland, Agrifirm, diervoederproducenten, boeren en consumenten.
    Het is een voordeel, dat we mede de kar mogen trekken voor de komende tijd. Er komt veel op ons af. Goed sturen en prioriteiten zetten is heel belangrijk voor alle betrokkenen.

    Veel Succes

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