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ForFarmers to expand feed mill Izegem

ForFarmers Izegem

ForFarmers will be increasing the storage capacity of the feed mill in Izegem (Belgium) and modernise the mill. At the same time, ForFarmers has decided to close the mill in Ingelmunster.


ForFarmers expects to transfer the volumes to the refurbished feed mill in Izegem in the fourth quarter of 2022. In doing so, ForFarmers is opting for a more efficient and sustainable production process. ForFarmers is continuously investing in the improvement of its processes and systems. This is in line with its 2025 Build to Grow strategy objective for operational excellence, whilst always putting providing the best quality to customers central.


ForFarmers has chosen to modernise one of the two current feed mills into an efficient and sustainable production location, to be able to continue to provide customers with quality feed and an even better service in the future. Investing in the Izegem mill appeared to be the best choice following a thorough analysis. Consequently, this means production in Ingelmunster will cease at the end of 2022.


The decision was additionally taken to transfer the production of poultry feed, both for layers and broilers, to another feed mill. More details on this will be communicated at a later stage. The production of swine and dairy feed will consequently take place in the dedicated Izegem mill from the beginning of 2023.


The mill in Ingelmunster will remain operational until the end of 2022. Tom Timmerman, Managing Director at ForFarmers Belgium: “By modernizing the factory in Izegem, we are emphasizing the importance we attach to delivering consistent feed quality and being highly reliable in terms of delivery. The increased storage capacity will allow our experienced team to deploy an even wider range of raw materials in the production of innovative and sustainable feed concepts. As a result, we can meet the requirements of our customers both today and in the future.”

Operations team

ForFarmers deems it important to be a good employer. The company accordingly strives to transfer all employees from the Ingelmunster production location to Izegem following its closure.

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